Daniel James

I am a software developer based in Fitzgerald, Georgia in the United States. I am currently a web developer for a company called Healthwarehouse.com. I'm also an associate member of the Free Software Foundation, and am currently package maintainer of GNU TeX for the Impatient. If you'd like to see some of my projects, check out my github profile here!

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About Me

Web Design

I'm familiar with everything from frontend languages such as HTML and Javascript to backend development, such as Python and PHP, as well as different databases such as MariaDB and MongoDB. I'm currently in the process of learning three.js.

Free/Open Source Software

In addition to web design, I also have an interest in Free and Open Source Software. All of the code I write, including the code for this site, is released under a permissive license (such as the BSD or Zlib license). I feel that all code should be freely available, so others can study it and learn from it.

Other Interests

In addition to software and web development, I also have many other interests that I pursue in my free time. I enjoy gaming, retrocomputing, astronomy, philosophy, horology, auto mechanics, meteorology, hunting, fishing, and fine writing equipment such as fountain pens.

My Résumé

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